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Soundpark Studios is trying to go about things a little bit differently.

It was designed and built by multi Award Winning Music Producer and Recording Engineer, Jamie Foulds with a specific purpose. His vision was to develop a creative musical space that removes the barriers between musical inspiration and the production process. To build a recording space that, from the artists perspective, shifts focus away from technology and towards the music.

Great planning went into every detail of the layout and ergonomics at Soundpark.

The main studio at Soundpark is bright and reflective. It has a hard wooden floor and asymmetrical walls. An accordion fold diffusion wall above the window into the control room helps to break up the sound waves even more. Perfect for rock or jazz drums, piano, strings, or those roomy guitars!

The isolation room at Soundpark is quite unique. Its design incorporates ceiling fixtures dubbed “acoustic clouds”. These custom designed hanging fixtures dampen acoustic reflections, but also allow for enough air mass in the room for very long wavelengths to propagate correctly. This results in a tight and dry space with an amazingly accurate frequency response. There isn’t a better sounding room for recording vocals anywhere on the East Coast of Canada! And that super tight, poppy drum sound you’re looking for is right there for the taking!

Control RoomJamie’s amazing, open concept control room encourages a new level of collaboration and brainstorming between musicians and production staff. Jokingly dubbed the “idea room”; this large, comfortable space is all about sharing musical ideas. It’s where creativity thrives!

The large glass windows provide excellent sight lines between acoustically isolated musicians and those in the control room.

loungeThe relaxed and creative vibe at Soundpark has been credited as part of the creative process time and time again by our valued repeat clients.

The flexibility of the spaces at Soundpark accommodate everything from the simplest to the most complex of recording situations.

Soundpark Studios has been nominated seven times in the Studio Of The Year category at the East Coast Music Awards.

Contact Jamie at Soundpark Studios today to arrange a tour of the facility, have a great cup of coffee,  and to discuss your next recording project.

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