Songwriting / Demo Master Class I

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We had an amazing weekend of song writing and demo production at Soundpark Studios on Aug 17th and 18th!  A huge thanks to Steven MacDougall for helping to arrange and facilitate this event.  Thanks also go out to AJ and everyone involved with the new Holy Angels project for accommodating us on day 1 for our writing sessions. What an awesome facility!

This weekend saw the creation of five new songs complete with finished demo recordings.  And they happen to be killer songs at that! We were hoping for some good stuff, but I have to say that these songs blew us away! Nice job everyone!

And on that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of our Master Class I participants (in no particular order):

Michael Mombourquette
Shannon Ezzat
Matt Fahey
Eddie Cummings
Jonathan Kanary
Andrew MacDonald
Amy Graham
Justin Vallis
Tess Carrigan
Martina Lewis
Colette Deveaux
Jody Hickey
Kyle Mischiek
Max Mackeigan
Dakota Rideout



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