The Tom Fun Orchestra – Earthworm Heart

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Earthworm Heart by The Tom Fun Orchestra.

Here are some pictures I took while we made this recording.

And here’s the first single “Animal Mask” to listen to on SoundCloud while you check out the pictures.

For more information, including upcoming tour dates, visit



Here’s a shot of our main drum kit setup for Earthworm Heart.
All 14 channels of it.








A Royer 121 taking some abuse from Ian’s ratty cabinet. We had to take this cabinet apart right before this take to clear out the cobwebs and evict a family of deaf mice.








Ian.. Shaking that cabinet in the picture above.












A Tom Fun-orama with Albert at the controls!







Shane! (with Ian in a supervisory role at the back of the control room)














Some random inputs during a bed tracking session. Drums probably.















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