The Easy Bleeders

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Soundpark Studios was the final destination for this five piece Rock Machine hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The band’s musical roots range from the heaviest of metal to the straw hattiest of folk music… and it shows!! These influences bare themselves in the bones that frame this musical behemoth known as The Easy Bleeders. Whether it be a ground shaking, string breaking howler or a foot stompin’, hand clapping sing along, their live shows are gritty, sweaty and full of raw energy. If you have seen one of their shows you probably walked in a stranger and left with a whole new group of friends, and maybe some minor cuts and bruises as-well. Someone once said “It’s like going to a Cape Breton kitchen party that your parents weren’t invited to”. Some songs will rock you, others will haunt you and some are so infectious that you can’t help but move. With such a wide range of musical tastes and flavors, when it comes to song writing they deliver more variety then Baskin Robbins …. and lamer jokes then your great grand daddy.

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